(Formerly EFT Essex)

Hi there, I’m Linda Anderson, EFT Tapping Coach and Mindset Magician at Tap Into Your Success.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re curious about EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique - that’s wonderful news.


Because EFT is an incredibly powerful self-help tool – which I’ve been using for years on myself and my clients – that can help with anything ranging from anxiety, stress and physical ailments, to fears, limiting beliefs and blocks to success.

It’s the last two that I specialise in most these days.

My EFT practice has evolved over recent years and now I work mostly with healers, therapists and transformational coaches who want to take their business to the next level but just can’t seem to make the leap (because they keep getting in their own way).

Is that you too?

Do you find yourself:

If that is you, then the first thing I would recommend...

is signing up for my FREE quiz, Discover Your Blocks to Money & Success. Just this simple quiz alone can start shifting what’s holding you back simply by raising awareness of what’s getting in the way!

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The second thing I would suggest is...

heading over to my current site, Tap Into Your Success where you will find a heap of resources and blogs devoted to helping you stop procrastinating, or wobbling on your prices, or hiding behind the computer and playing small, so you can get more clients, make more money and create a thriving business doing what you love.

Here’s to your success!

With love


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